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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Battle of Badajoz was the first Nationalist victories in the Spanish Civil War. The battle of Badajoz was on the 14 August of 1936.

Before the attack, Badajoz was continuously bombarded by Nationalist artillery for three days. The rebels launched their attack on the morning of August 14, after shelling the town for most of the day. A unit of the Spanish Foreign Legion stormed the Trinity gate. Ignoring their losses, the Legionnaires pressed on. A charge led by carts won the gate, and the Nationalists overtook the defenders. But, the cost was amazing: the attacking 16th Company had lost 76 out of 90 officers. All of the unit's officers fell in the attack excepting the captain and one corporal and meanwhile Asensio´s men had entered in the city by a breach in the city walls and the storming of the Puerta de la Trinidad was later seen as useless. On the south side of the city, Nationalist units stormed the walls with less difficulty. The massacre of Badajoz occurred in the days after the Battle of Badajoz during the Spanish Civil War. Between 573to 1,341civilian and military supporters of the Second Spanish Republic were killed by Nationalist forces.


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