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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


This start with the crisis of 1808,in the beginning of the 19th century,Spain was in french crisis due to a price rise, the collapse of the external trade,the debts of the state or the   bankruptcy of the crown because of the wars and the economic policy also the social discontent with Godoy ,the valid of Carlos IV, who conducted a pro-french policy .Like this in 1807 ,Carlos IV and Godoy signed the Treaty of Fontainebleau (1807) with Napoleon. Whereby, the french trops could pass throught Spain to reach Portugal because Great Britain was carrying out a maritime blockade to France who was allied with Portugal.

Due to this ,a politic band was created around Fernando ,the son of Carlos IV who was liked more among the people ,so they provoke revolts against Godoy ,being the most important Aranjuez Mutiny in 1808, whereby Godoy was destroyed and Fernando VII who had the throne in march of 1808.

Napoleon take advantage of the disorder and inestability policy in Spain to occupy with the French army the country . Like this the royal family was translade to Bayonne where a month later occur the Bayonne Abdications (may of 1808) and thats why Carlos and Fernando renounced to the Spanish throne for Napoleon, who ceded to his brother Joseph I .
Joseph I reign in Spain with the napoleonic style with the  social advances ,bourgeosie support, authoritarianism, their separation of powers,etc.

After the making Spain an uprising occurred the revelion of the people in Mostoles in may of 1808 but was suppressed by de French general Murat.
I have search this information in books of history ,in enciclopedies, somethings in my notes and also i have asked to my uncle that he knows about history.

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