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Thursday, 6 March 2014


The bombing of Bailén (Jaen) was an air attack during the Spanish Civil War. This bombing was headed by the “Condor Legion”  from the  German Nazis’, who fought for the rebels. The general “Queipo de Llano” leaded this attack.

This bombing of Bailén (Jaén) was a punishment, ordered by the general Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, because of the bombing of Córdoba by the republican army. What Quiepo wanted to do with this was to scare the civil population and the Republicans.

On April the 1st 1937, six German airplanes, of the Condor Legion, bombed the city of Jaén causing about 160 deaths and 200 injured. The number of deaths and injured couldn´t be avoided because the city of Jaén didn’t have any antiaircraft protection. The attack happened by surprise. The airplanes passed only once over the city, and the six airplanes were distributed in two wedge-shaped formations. This bombing has been later compared with the “Bombing of Guernica” which occurred a few days later.

The main consequences were that the republicans killed around 100 offenders, which was more or less the same number of people they thought were killed during the bombing.


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