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Friday, 7 March 2014


I am going to talk about the bombing of Guernica. The bombing of Guernica was an aerial attack on the city of Guernica, located in the Basque Country in the year 1937.The aerial attack was during the Spanish Civil War. The raid was by the planes of the Condor Legion and the planes from Italia called Aviazione Legionaria. The operation was called Operation Rügen.

It was the first bombing raid of aviation to a city of the history. The city was completely destroyed with 1.650 approximately of deaths and 890 wounded. The city was a location where the Spanish weapons were manufactured for the Republican Army. Moreover, there were a lot of troops from the Basque army. Because of that, the aggressors attacked the city, to stop the supplies for the Republican army. The raid was an experiment to develop and perfect tactics of aerial warfare for German pilots of the Nazi army.

After the raid, the world was horrified and Franco denied that the raid ever took place. Picasso, who through his painting, showed the dramatic moment to the world.

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