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Thursday, 6 March 2014


Amadeo of Saboya was king of Spain between 1870-1873.His reign in Spain did not last more than two years; it was marked due to the political instability. Amadeo of Saboya was the second son of Victor Manuel II, king of Piedmont-Sardinia and, since 1861 king of Italy, House of Savoy, and of Maria Adelaida of Austria (great-grandson of Carlos III of Spain).

Due to the Revolution of 1868 (La Gloriosa), Isabel II was exiled in France. Isabel abdicated in Paris on 25 June 1870 for his son to be king of Spain under the name of Alfonso XII. Amadeo of Saboya, member of the Italian royal family, was elected to replace her in the throne as Amadeo I of Spain with the support of several groups in the government.

On 30 December of 1870 he was informed that General Prim, his principal supporter had died victim of an attempt that had taken place in Madrid three days before his arrival. On 2 January he sweared the Constitution in the presence of the “Cortes”.

Amadeo, without his great support the General Prim was found with strong rejection of the supporters of the return of the “Bourbons” (Alfonsinos), also the Carlists with a strong support in the north (Navarre, Basque Country) and the Republicans, the most radical group in the social and anticlerical.

In conclusion, the political parties situation (democrats, progressives and unionists) and the men of the revolution, was the one that took Amadeo to abdicated having no support or other solution in early 1873.


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