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Thursday, 6 March 2014

                   THE DISASTER OF ANNUAL

This event takes place during the Rif’s war in the year 1921. The battle of Annual takes place in Annual (Morocco), this battle was fought by Spanish army of Morocco and Berber combatants of the Rif region.

At the beginning of 1921 the Spanish army started an offensive at the north of Morocco. This advance took place without communications establish.

The 22 July. 1921 after five days of siege, the Spanish troops commanded by General Manuel Fernandez Silvestre situated in the camp of Annual, were attack by the forces of the Riffi commanded by Abd al- Khattabi, which was one of the leaders of the Aith Ouriaghel tribe.
The Spanish troops located in the western Protectorate in Morocco crumbled. After the battle the Riffian Berbers started to advanced to the east, where they conquered more than 130 Spanish military stations. The Spanish troops were defeated without making a coordinated attack. At the end of August of 1921, Spain had lost the territories that they won in the zone since 1909. The general Silvestre disappear and his rests never appear.

In this battle dead around 9000 Spanish troops including the General Manuel Fernandez Silvestre, the General Gabriel Morales and the Lt. Col. Fernando Primo de Rivera the brother of the future dictator. Also several Spanish troops surrender like the General Felipe Navarro and around 10000 troops were taking as prisoners. 


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