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Thursday, 6 March 2014


The Spanish Civil War was fought between 17 July 1936 and 1 April 1939. The two opponents were:
      REPUBLICANS. Military side formed by: Popular Front, Confederal Militias, International Brigades .... And supported by: Soviet Union and Mexico.
            REBEL SIDE: Formed by: The Rebel Army, The African Spanish Army, The “Falangistas”, The Carlists, The Condor Legion, The Corpo Truppe Volontaire and The Viriatos. And supported by: Nazi Germany, The Portuguese Republic and The Italian Kingdom.

The causes which led to the war were:

·         A backward economy, unable to meet the needs of the people.
·         A landowning oligarchy which only concerned about profits and which was incapable of the most basic changes.
·         A social structure with vast differences between rich and poor, with a small powerful oligarchy, a continuously growing lower class, an insufficient middle class to serve as balancing element.
·         A polarization of society into two sides, right and left among which there was a strong tension.

After the Catalonian defeat, the government moved to the downtown area. The differences between Republicans precipitated the end of the war. In March 1939 Colonel Casado provoked a coup in Madrid and Republicans surrendered. On March 28, the national army entered Madrid, and in three days occupied the rest of the country. On April 1, 1939, Franco signed the statement that the war was terminated.

Some of the most shocking consequences of the war were:
·         The death of more than a half million of people.
·         The exile of 300.000 people.
·         The hate between people after the war.

·         The harsh conditions suffered later during the postwar.


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