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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


When the First World War started, Spain was a country economically delated that with the “98 disaster” had been without its colonies. It was morally destroyed with a little and antiquated army and with the Moroccan problem that lead to crisis and strikes such as the “Semana Trágica”. In 1906 after the Algeciras conference, a north Moroccan territory was given to Spain and lead to lots of military problems that couldn´t stop until 15 years later.
In 1914, Alfonso XIII declared that Spain had to be in absolute neutrality and also, the countries involved in the war didn´t want Spain to participate because of the commercial favours that Spain could have with them except from Germany, that tried to have a good relationship with Spain in order to fear the contries of the Entente Cordiale.

Because of its neutrality, Spain didn´t have any negative consequences except from some submarines sunk by the German navy that when the war finished, gave Spain a few merchant ships. After this negative event, Spain raised its economy by supplying the contries of the war with food, guns, metal and coal. Spain noticed a remarkable growth in the cereal agriculture and mostly in the northern industries: the Catalan textile industries, the Asturian coal mines and the Vasc iron and steel industries. Also the production of light weapons grew significantly with the demand of guns and rifles that were mainly sold to allies. France purchased lots of guns making the Spanish gun the traditional France gun.

Also the spionage helped Spain to refloat its economy. Spies from both bands went to Spain to get information from their rivals, specially to Barcelona that was fulled of them. The main activities were related with the rival countries and German submarines´ operations.
Finally, as a result, there was a surplus that made a significant increase in business profits. Thanks to that, the foreign debt was cancelled and gold was accumulated in the ´”Bank of Spain”. For the first time in its modern history, Spain was not in trade deficit with the foreign trade.


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