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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


My village is called Camarena. It is located in the north of Toledo (Spain), really near to Madrid; the country which suffered the most the spanish civil war during 1936 and 1939.

The situation in Camarena at that time was the same as in the whole country. There were two bands: Republicans (or reds), who wanted to mantain the already established second republic, and Nationalists, a rebel group led by General Francisco Franco.

Although this war was horrible for all the territories that form Spain, I think that in small villages as mine it was worse because everybody knew each other within that territory. By the time the war started the population of Camarena was less than five hundred, so it was as a neighborhood.

When the war started a certain number of families became destroyed because as Camarena is near to Toledo a lot of fathers had to go to defend the Alcazar of Toledo. However staying inside the village was even worse because republicans during the war went house by house looking for supporters of the rebel group led by Francisco Franco. In some cases they knocked the door of a house, name the person they wanted to go outside and kill him in front of her family. It was really hard...

However, a few years later it was the other way round. Franco took the power of Spain and a repression against republicans started. As ‘reds’ did they also went house by house searching for the enemies but instead of killing them in front of their house they took the prisioner to the graveyard and assassinate him there.

The civil was horrible, but the postwar was even worse. The main consequences in Camarena were: the hunger, the poverty and the enmity that appeared between the neighbours. The government had to establish a type of food donation for people which cause even more economic problems. Nevertheless, Spain managed to recover and to implant the actual democratic monarchy with the Boubon’s family in the throne.


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