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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


An 1866 rebellion led by General Juan Prim. The main objective of the revolution was to overthrow Isabella II, whom Spanish republicans began to see as the source of Spain´s difficulties. The progressives and the democrats had signed in 1866 the Ostende treaty by which they committed to dethrone Isabella II.

In September 1868 naval forces under Admiral Juan Bautista Topete mutinied in Cadiz. When the generals Prim and Francisco Serrano denounced the government, much of the army defected to the revolutionary generals on their arrival in Spain. The queen made a brief show of force at the Battle of Alcolea, where her loyal generals under Manuel Pavia were defeated by General Serrano.

In 1868 Queen Isabella crossed into France and retired from Spanish politics to Paris. She lived there in exile until her death in 1904.

This just caused a temporary government ruled by Serrano with general Prim in the War ministry. The new government call new elections to Cortes Constituyentes. The pregressists won and one year later they approved the Constitution of 1869.


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