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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


The second of May, because of the popular protest about the uncertainty caused by the Aranjuez rebellion. (a plan label by Fernando Vll in which he remove Godoy from the power and also he became the Spanish king) and after the invasion of Napoleon to Spain, people insurrected against the power. This caused the independence war in Spain.

The Spanish population started to rebel on the street improvising solutions to the difficulties that they were suffering.  French troops started to mobilize. A group of elite warriors that were under the Napoleonic mandate where specially cruel. They where called Mamelucos.
Those warriors were slaves generally from turkey or Egypt. They were very good at battle and sometimes they could reach high political positions in turkey. The main figure inside the Mamelucos was Ahmad Kipchak. Egypt became independent thanks to him.

The first group of Mamelucos during the rule of Napoleon was founded in 1801. It was formed by 240 soldiers that returned with the French expedition to Egypt. After this, a lot of Mamelucos were added to the French army including Rustam Raza who became the personal bodyguard of Napoleon.

They entered in Spain in 1808 been the security of Murant who led the battle during the 2 of May. Later Goya was going to paint one of his most important paintings (La Carga de los Mamelucos)

They were very well armed. They had a blunderbuss, a scimitar, 2 pistols that used to take with a dagger and a big mace or a large axe


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