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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


   On the 23rd of February of 1981 an attempt of a military coup was made in the Representative’s Congress by members of the Civil Guard, who were in the authority of the Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero.

   In the afternoon, at six ó clock, the representatives were celebrating the session to select Don Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo for the new President of the Government, when suddenly, entered in the room members of the Civil Guard with guns in his hands shooting to the air and hitting General Captain Gutiérrez Mellado who puts face to face to Lieutenant Colonel Tejero. After this confusion moments, the representatives and the press staff get abducted.

   They are living tension moments as Tejero announced that a military charge will appear in the Congress to take care of the situation.

   At night, in the military region of Valencia, the General Millán del Bosch orders to put the tanks out on the streets for supporting the attempt of the military coup.

   About midnight, the King appears on the TV, addressing to the Spanish people, saying that he is on favor of freedom and the democracy and also that he will not support this military coup.
   The king meets with the General Armada, who thinks that he is the head of the coup attempt, keeping off from the Congress.

   As hours pass and Tejero sees that any military charge is appearing, he realizes that the military coup has failed. At the next morning the representatives leave the Congress after being free. Thereafter, militaries are arrested waiting for a trial.

   Lieutenant Colonel Tejero, Generals Armada and del Bosch were sentenced for 30 years of prison.


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