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Friday, 7 March 2014


The social situation of the soldiers was peculiar,while their all around the world colleagues were ascending rapidly by merits of war and necesity of frame enormous masses of soldiers,their were seen reudced to inaction.There was a discomfort in the army because of his inability, lack of budget and lack of prospects for advancement. Inside the Spanish army were seen situations of unfairness between the colonial destination (Morocco) and the rest.

The set up of “Juntas de Defensa” atype of  military union no covered by the legistation and agaist military discipline, was a clear challenge to the liberal goverment of Garcia Prieto.
The “Juntas de Defensa” claimed to defend the interests of middles class officers but their vocation to intervene in politics was evident.

One of the issues of greatest ability to mobilize within the army had been its obsession with national unity,clearly manifested from the Catalan satirical attack on the Cu-Cut! in 19005,after which the goverment gave the enactment of the Law of Jurisdictions to satisfy them.

The activity of the “Juntas” stared in the first term of 1916 as a consequence of one of the proofs of the ability for controlling. Conde de Romanones accepted their protests,but seeing the dangerousness of a causi-sindical movement in the army,ordered the disolution of the “Juntas de Barcelona” and arrested inmediately his members and received the solidarity of “Juntas de Artillería e Ingnieros”, and even the Civil Guard, in his respectful call for the release of those arrested,was a dramatic increase of military tension.
In late May 1917, occurred an energetic disciplinary reaction by the goverment of Garcia Prieto.The manifesto of 1 June 1917 , an ultimatum to the goverment to accept their denmands,and the one of  25 June,which called for the regeneration of political life and a goverment of concentration.

García Prieto chose to resign, after which Alfonso XIII to form a government responsible Eduardo Dato, who saw fit to give in to the military claims, freeing arrested and legalizing the Boards. To stand firmly control the situation, constitutional guarantees were suspended and censorship increased.


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