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Saturday, 22 March 2014



Inizio modulo

This was a positive experience. The boys who participated should feel honored  for the great opportunity offered to them. We were there to represent our nation.
Through this exchange we have learnt  about the different  traditions , manners , habits, and food of France.
On top of that we have made many new friends and then ... who knows if it will last over time !
I can only speak for myself , but I think everyone had fun .
We spent a whole week to discover foreign cultures and to learn the language that unites us : English.
The moment that remained in my heart it was the day of farewell ... in that moment I realized the  love we felt for each other.
Only one negative thing: I visited only few monuments  of Marseille , I would have liked to visit more the city  but , then , for the rest , I was very happy!
I was very pleased to meet new people ! ( Gaia from Italy)
It was a great experience because I met a lot of people, my corresponding is amusing, and because the family was hospitable with me.
I liked also the food and the flight. But the thing that stuck me  most is the school because it’s bigger, more beautiful  than our school.
I would have liked to  stay more time  with the other kids of different nationalities and to visit Marseille because I couldn’t visit it at all.
I can’t wait to host my corresponding because I think we will enjoy.
(Samuele from Italy)


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