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Thursday, 6 March 2014


The popular front was a historical union created in January of 1936by the principles parties of the Spanish center-left. On16 of February, they won the last democratic elections during the second republic, before the coup d´etait during the Spanish civil war, to 1939with Manuel Azaña as president of the second republic. There were some organizations as PSOE, UGT, PCE, POUM and Republican Left.  

His slogan was especially “antifascist”, that means that all that were against them and the eliminated as politics.

There elections were part of a revolutionary process and a civil war annunciated. This process has been tried three times before the good one in 1931.
Azaña form a govern composed only by left republicans. In the left, the young people of PSOE joined to the PCE, on the right they want to knock down the republic by a military force. The Spanish phalange was implicated in attempts and was legalizated.

The climate of violence has an end the 12 July with the assassination of Castillo (socialist) and the monarquist member Calvo Sotelo.

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