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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


José Antonio Primo de Rivera was a lawyer and Spanish politician; he was son of Miguel Primo de Rivera, an Spanish dictator. Primo de Rivera is known mainly because he was the founder and leader of a political party called “Falange Española”. Jose Antonio was a very cultured and intellectual man, he was educated by his aunt and, although he cursed the high school and the first year of university at home, he ended the degree brightly. In 1931 he failed in his attempt to obtain a seat of deputy in the elections, he finally obtained it in the ones of 1933. He utilized his seat and the liberties of the republican regime to create a new fascist party inspirited by the ideologies of Mussolini and Hitler. 

In 1936 José Antonio Primo de Rivera was sent to prison with the excuse of an illegal possession of weapons. The government ordered his transfer to the prison of Alicante, where he was submitted to a trial in which was declared guilty of the crime of military rebellion. The judgment was capital punishment. The penalty was executed the 20 of November of 1936 in the yard of the prison of Alicante. A testimony of the execution, said  that he was shot by 8 milicians of the anarquist union, he was shot in the legs to make him suffer, when the leader of this group came near him, he ordered him to shout “Viva la República”, the reply of Primo de Rivera was “Arriba España”          .


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