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Friday, 7 March 2014


Spanish First Republic was the political regime established in Spain since the abdication of Amadeo I, February 1873, until December 1874.

The same day of Amadeo's abdication, the Radical Party met, and the opinion of their members was different, because they were progresists and also democrats. Cristino Martos, the State minister, stopped what this people was trying (to keep a monarchy in Spain, but democratic) by saying that in Spain was no any dinasty or monarchy possible, tha Spain needed a republic. The next day, the National Assembly voted, and the republic was established, and they elected Estanislao Figueras as President of the Republic.

The government of Figueras, had to face a really difficult economic and social situation. They also had to fight with the Federalists, that were taking power in some places by the force. Finally in June 1873, Spain was declared a Federal Democratic Republic, and Figueras was forced to scape.

In July that year, it was elected as president Francisco Pi y Margall. He had a lot of ideas and proyects for the country, but because of the cantonal rebellion and other problems, 37 days after, he resigned.

Then came to the power Nicolás Salmerón, a moderate federalist. He tried to end with “Carlistas” and “Cantonales”. Finally he resigned too.

After that, the president was Emilio Castelar. He was a professor and a historian who wanted a united republic. In January 1874, it took place a military coup, lead by Pavía, and general Serrano's dictartorship began.

Finally in December 1874 it took place the pronouncing of Arsenio Martínez Campos, the republic ended.


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