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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Do you, women, imagine your lives without having access to education? Without having right to vote?Without being allowed to work? This has been the situation of most women in Spain since the beginning of history.However we have to be grateful to great figures like Clara Campoamor ,Emilia Pardo Bazán, Concepción Arenal among many other women who have fought for our rights, women's rights.

Since the beginning of history, women have been disregarded. However, around the end of the 19th century and mainly during the 20th century some feminist movements arose. During the previous centuries , women had been considered as "home angels", their only duty was to take care of the children and house. There were not taken into account in any decission.This situation was due to the existence of such an archaic society, the strength of the Catholic Church and the strict gender hierarchy in all aspects.

However with the arrival of the 20th century many changes were done and women's situation improved quite a lot. In 1850 there was an attempt to change the educational system and give the opportunity to women to study and learn. However this did not work and women had to wait until 1910 when they achieved recognition of their right to have a tertiary education. Something similar occurred with sufragism.Women did not acknowledge their right to vote until 1931. It took some years to achieve suffrage, the key moment was the ending of the First World War when an a group of middle class women created the Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Españolas (AMNE).Some of its members were Clara Campoamor or Victoria Kent. The AMNE demanded the women's right to vote among some other things such as the reform of the discriminatory articles of the Civil Code, equality of salaries...Eventually, by 1931, suffrage for women was achieved. However this achievement cannot be attributed to the pressure of feminist movements but to the changes done in the legislation of Spanish Second Republic.
From that moment on, little by little women begun to acquire more and more relevance in society until nowadays where women are supposed to be considered as important and relevant as men in every aspect.


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