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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

ON THE 31st MAY 1906
The 31st of May of 1906 was the day of the wedding of the Spanish king Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg, who was the British princess at that moment, they got married at the church ‘Los Jerónimos’, which is in the city center of Spain’s capital city, Madrid. A lot of people went to the sidewalks of the streets where the kings were going to pass, everyone felt happy in this important day for the Spanish history, but at the end, the situation changed as something that no one thought occurred…

Mateo Morral, a Catalonian anarchist, threw a Orsini bomb directly to the monarchs’ carriage just when they were beginning their planed route until they reach the Royal Palace, after being at the most emblematic places of the city, such as the Plaza de Oriente or Sol Square.                       The bomb was inside a bunch of flowers which was thrown from the balcony of the bedroom in which the terrorist had being hosted,  25 people died and were about 100 harmed people, but the recently-married monarchs were fine, most of the people ran disconsolately and were afraid because they really did not know what had happened, Mateo Morral failed in his mission of killing the kings, but he achieved to ruin 125 people’s lives and made the population of Madrid to dismay, Alfonso left the carriage for trying to calm down the people which moments after the assault were joyful and absolutely happy, while his wife was crying inside the float, knowing that someone had tried to kill the young kings.

Morral was helped to escape from the place of the assault  by José Naskens, nevertheless, they were unnoticed as the amount of people was huge, Naskens was the director of a Spanish newspaper called ‘El Motín’. He was waiting to Mateo near the place of the assault for taking his friend to a refuge near the station of Torrejón de Ardoz, which is a town at 26km from Madrid, Morral was supposed to take a train to Barcelona from the station of this municipality… but on the 3rd of June, Morral was recognized by several people in a restaurant where he was having lunch, he was taken to a policeman who was called Alfonso Vega (‘El Imparcial’), this man told Morral to follow him because he was arrested, peacefully, he obeyed, but minutes later, the Catalonian anarchist turned himself back and shooted Alfonso’s mouth with a gun and just after this, he shooted himself dying at the moment.

After the assault, the monarchists praised even more the Kings. Nevertheless, the Monarchs continued having the same enemies, the republicans.

Anecdote:  Madrid’s bishop, governor and major, formed a council on August of the  
                   same year of the assault for giving a donative to the familiars of the deaths  
                   and harmed poor people. (‘El Imparcial’, 15th August 1906).


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