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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


The second Moroccan war, and also called “Rif War” because of the location of the battle, was a war between two powers; Spain, (with the help of France); and The Republic of the Rif.
Morocco was the last territory available for Spain to continue with the imperialism, so a meeting between the main powers of Europe happened in the andalusian city of Algeciras. There, they reached an agreement; to divide Morocco in two almost equal parts and give the left part, the one bigger, to France, and the right one to Spain. The first part was done, but now, both troops have to mobilize to Morocco.

Spanish army, directed by General Fernández Silvestre, was not directed correctly and had small equipment, unlike Morocco, that had formed an army putting together many different tribes from the Rif with the leadership of Abd-el-Krim.

At 1921 summer, the Spanish troops arrived morocco, but a bad strategy from the Spanish general Fernández Silvestre, forced that the Spanish army had to move backwards because of the attempt of the rebels, and also made the troops lose a very big amount of soldiers. More than 13.000 soldiers died in what is known as The Battle of Annual.

This fact made a terrible impression in Spain, where revolts and protests where made because of the disaster occurred in Morocco. The pressure caused by the loss of the war and the protests made Spain to make a new military commission, where the events that happened in morocco where going to be investigated, but when the investigation was able to tell the truth, Miguel Primo de Rivera made a coup where the military dictatorship was established.


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