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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WOMEN´S  RIGHTS (1877-1936)
The rights of women are beginning to be recognized in the Constitution of 1931, during the 2nd Republic. Previous to this constitution the system of domination and subjugation of women acted at two levels.

1.- With a legal system of discrimination of women. Civil and Criminal Code        and Trade. The woman had no rights.

2.- A social control. The domestication of women. The woman at home with the children.
Until the late nineteenth century it was thought that women were genetically inferior man. 

Between 1931-1936 the woman managed to conquer some rights until that time they were unachievable and they were:      
      Right of vote
·         Marriage based on equality of spouses
·         Right to divorce in 1932
·         Obligations of parents with children

Spain was the first Spanish-speaking country in getting the right to vote.
This lasted until the Franco dictatorship that eliminated all the rights of women. The woman happened to be subject to men (husbands, fathers, brothers).

The woman must obey her husband, could not dispose of property or goods, could not have a bank account and the children belonged to the father. In 1937, Social Service for Women was created, it was compulsory for all women between 17 and 35 years old. The only women who could work were unmarried and widows. 

This led to the emergence of the black market, because men salaries were low and women worked in secrecy, was punishable by fines and jail.

Until the arrival of the Democracy of 1975 and the adoption of a new Constitution in 1978, equality between men and women was not achieve. Even today are changing laws again and again.


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